Mitch McConnell on Coal

McConnell Takes Kentucky Coal Miners' Message to the EPA stating, "It is clear that the Obama administration has waged a war on coal which means a war on jobs in Kentucky."  

Frustrated the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) bypassed Kentucky and other major coal producers during its "listening session" tour on regulations for existing power plants, Senator McConnell, on Thursday, Nov. 7th, attended the EPA's listening session in Washington, D.C. and brought along a representative from James River Coal so that the EPA could hear the concerns of Kentucky coal miners and their families.  November 8, 2013

Coal keeps America Competitive

Coal is American - It Keeps America Competitive - Responsible for over 760,000 US Jobs!

When Coal Wins - America Wins  

Kentucky Coal History, Timeline


Discover the rich history of the coal timeline.

1748 First recorded US commercial coal production.

1750 Dr Thomas Walker is the first recorded person to discover and use Kentucky Coal.

1820 First commercial mine in Kentucky produces 328 tons of coal in Muhlenberg County.

1830 Statewide coal production of 2,000 tons recorded.

1843 Statewide coal production of 100,000 tons recorded.

1860 Pre-Civil War production declines to 150,760 tons

1870 Post-Civil War production reaches One Million tons.

1880 First Mine Ventilation Law.

1890 United Mine Workers of America organized.

1900 Child Labor Law enacted in coal mines.

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Underground Coal Miners Speak Out


Undergound Kentucky coal miners share their views on the opportunties, safety, and misconceptions about underground coal mining.  Source:  Coal in Kentucky April 10, 2010

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